The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

A GOOD JFK SCRIPT. Perhaps the greatest story ever told.


And it’s true…

Exhaustively researched and edited, the script would be ideal as both a tentpole and a prestige film for any burgeoning movie production company looking to establish itself as a major Hollywood hit maker, anchoring it as a studio.


The drama unfolds to a climactic trinity of events including the Civil Rights March, Vietnam war and JFK assassination.

More factual Kennedy White House information is revealed here than in any other script! 


Intensely highlighted with epionage, action and romance this political drama is based on JFK’s real life attempt to make an honest recommitment to his family in facing the challenges of the presidency.



Kennedy puts off considering the impact of his many sexual liaisons until he realizes life’s fragility and faces the fact that motherhood is sacred. More and more the consequences of his actions clarify that in having lived a life ignorant of these truths he was destined to clash with the fantasy that he had created in denying them.


Although much has been written, still more remains unknown about these beautiful but complicated people. It journeys into America’s fall from grace and the mystery of faith.

…The Key.

2017 (c) Bobbi Iervolino

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