“Killing Kennedy,” A Literary Massacre

male-kk-horizontalThis lengthy article details the horror show that “Killing Kennedy,” became. The apparent lies and inaccuracies detailed in the book are latent within, but notable, the book spins the warren commission to knew lengths, claiming it not only got it all right, but that the “lone-nut assassin theory,” is even more real than commission members imagined it. From the article:

“For instance, just a few months ago it was learned that the Air Force One tapes at the National Archives were incomplete. They had been edited to eliminate a reference to a query about the location of Air Force General Curtis LeMay as President Kennedy’s body was being returned from Dallas.

This made the news since historians understand that LeMay and Kennedy knocked heads during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, but also because there have been reports that, for whatever reason, LeMay was present during the Kennedy autopsy at Bethesda Medical Center that evening.

I mention this not only to show that there are still important secrets seeping out about the murder of President Kennedy, but also because you will not find a word about any significant new evidence in this book. In fact, in regards to the actual murder of President Kennedy, this is a book that could have been written in 1965. I could find very little, if anything, pertaining to the actual assassination that was discovered in later decades.” More here