The Real Jackie Was Steeped In Culture…

San Francisco film critic, Mick LaSalle, comments on “Jackie,” slamming the film for being a puff piece with little historical accuracy or relevance.


Excerpt: “Then take a look at footage from that actual tour. The problem isn’t merely that Portman’s portrayal isn’t factually accurate but that she and her director, Pablo Larrain, have no conception of the woman they’re portraying. The real Jackie was steeped in culture, and if she had any diffidence, it was the diffidence of someone careful not to seem too rich or too sure of herself.” –

The film sensationalizes JFK’s legacy in many disturbing ways, although it does bring to life some of it’s kinder moments, as well… the dark side of “Jackie” is discussed more in depth here:

Sandcastle; Of Poetry and Power has nothing to do with slurring the glorious reality of JFK’s time in office, his administration’s miraculous accomplishments, nor does it ignore the glaring issue of sexual addiction and it’s impact on American culture during and after that time. The idea is to atone for sin, to shed light on the long lost past, and ultimately to bring America the truth, that thing that sets all men free, back to life.