We Must Resist

Youth make a future. Abortion embraces defeat. Can a community thrive in tolerating this madness?  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. overcame. And yet a great nothing emerged.  The slow, steady rise of birth control settled upon the following generation. Spreading, it’s still legally protected. Some of Dr. King’s descendants unwittingly endorsed it. Others escaped.

“My Family Bloodline has had a Christian worldview for generations,” said Dr. King’s nice, Mrs. Alveda King, in recognizing its insidious grasp.


“Uncle M.L. clung to the scriptures and refused to acknowledge human sexuality and abortion rights as issues that needed to be addressed on a public platform where the battle for Skin Color Equity was being engaged. Whereas on the other hand, today I’m sure that they would agree that the Sanctity Of Life is part of the Civil Rights platform. Because life is a Human Right. And as such we must fight to protect all lives because God’s Love matters.”


“Abortion has touched many families in one way or another. Abortion is not just a choice between a mother and her doctor but a choice that affects all families and society as a whole. In the 20th Century my uncle said that ‘America will not reject racism until America sees racism’. In the 21st Century Father Frank Pavone said ‘America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion.’ I agree. Glory to God.”


“I urge you to defend the integrity of just laws and remember as my uncle, Reverend MLK said ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’. My Uncle M.L., my father Reverend A.D. King and my grandfather Daddy King were all pro-life during their life times. They didn’t believe that abortion was a civil right.


They never would have agreed that abortion and carcinogenic birth control methods are health care. They never discovered the hidden agenda of death birthed by Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. They also refused to associate the anti natural-life-and-family agenda with the Civil Rights movement.”


Graphic designed by JESS3

“We have always been a strong family. Grandaddy convinced my mother not to abort me in 1950. Abortion was illegal back then. I suffered two secret abortions and a miscarriage. Grandaddy convinced me not to abort another baby. I once was blind. But now I see.

Glory to God.”

– Alveda King. World Meeting of Families 2015.


Dr. King, in enduring rejection initially from members of his own community and then from those who vehemently opposed him, saw the answer. The power of one man with a dream overcame.  Dr. King never saw abortion as an answer to abject poverty. Abortion remains unthinkable to those willing to believe in what Dr. King called, “the power of redemptive suffering”. Dr. King formed a real policy by forging a path by way of forgiving.


The film production “Sandcastle, Of Poetry and Power,” centers on the Kennedy Administration’s involvement in pivotal and momentous Civil Rights events preceding abortion’s integration into the American way of life. It is easy to resign to  the ways of the world.  Dr. King’s dream is above the world. To fight complacency is divine. Believe in the dream. Take Civil Rights to the next level. Defeat the great nothing. We must resist. 

“Come & See My Shining Palace Built Upon The Sand”