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Most scripts centering on the Kennedy’s fail for one reason only. The things that make a producer uncomfortable are cut. Catholic values are the spiritual foundation that have formed the leads in my script.

Roberta Jarrett Iervolino
The above sound clip is excerpted from the documentary film titled, “Fog Of War”.

Born of faith, because it was born of overcoming inner turmoil, The JFK administration was not only magical. It was miraculous in a manner that is foreign to modern times. In JFK’s day, redemptive suffering was a Christian principle at odds with the burgeoning sexual revolution of the 1960. It could be said that it is a revolution that JFK kicked off, however, inadvertently. Catholics pray the rosary, value the traditions of Catholicism and believe in both purgatory and hell. My research revealed JFK’s faith was a great source of inner turmoil and overall, it can be said that the Catholic faith of the Kennedy’s was no gimmicky shell used to gain votes. It was a valid reason to risk losing votes in favor of representing what Arthur Schlesinger called, “The last acceptable prejudice.” 

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Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 4.58.53 PMThe truth can be volatile, but if covered honestly and tastefully, it heals. A truly good, story endear itself to the generations, in which case a legend is born. In their midnight hour the Kennedy’s grappled with their Catholic heritage and its profound power. In facing down temptation and addiction JFK used the tools it gave him in harnessing the impulses that compelled him towards destructive sexual behavior.

A good story is valuable. But what do we have, if not the generations? JFK was most immediately faced with this question during the nuclear arms race. It can be said that it drove him his entire life. The fear of the bomb drove him to want to contain it’s threat to humanity. As his life came to a close, he would find that the answer came from within. I feel that he died with a sense that he, not only did he complete his life’s mission, but that in the search for the truth, he found himself.

on 22 October, the ship took an active part in the blockade that forced an easing of the Cuban Missile Crisis
On 22 October, the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., took an active part in an easing the Cuban Missile Crisis (from wikipedia)

I am wholeheartedly dedicated to portraying my characters honestly, ensuring my Catholic brothers and sisters are served with the dignity and respect earned. I believe this accurately told story will result in a cathartic resolution for our Country, encouraging discussions.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to take this journey with you as it unveils a brief and shining moment in early 1960’s America where the nuclear age is not only endured but overcome with the resolution that world peace is made most possible by the  most essential aspect of Christianity: forgiveness.

If you don’t like the truth about Jack Kennedy, then you don’t like the truth.


Jack Kennedy converted to LIFE. In his final months, he defended the premature baby.

In a final act of defiance, JFK not only laid out a final act of defiance against the powers that be aligned that had against him, he embraced the misery that often accompanies the choice to do the right thing, and in doing so he conquered the most fearsome mortal enemy, himself, the enemy within his own soul, by humbling himself, was made strong.

2017 (c) Roberta Jarrett Iervolino