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Shortly after losing a friend, I found myself perusing a yard sale, every object significant to the downsizing seller with each remnant possessing personal, historical value. Nine vintage LIFE magazines featuring JFK and America’s cataclysmic turning point gave me  an idea. Thirty books, thousands of articles and thirteen years later I wrote a script.

An entertaining puzzle, it also historically documents JFK’s journey in overcoming both personal, and global conflict as America’s President. From the day of the inauguration Jackie made it her primary goal to preserve her husbands presidential legacy by putting their children, family and home first. As the tide rose, and the impact of her husbands reckless actions became more clear, so did the amount of importance that she placed on her children and family in both their private and public lives, elevating it above what she was forced to tolerate as the wife of America’s most infamous womanizer, to one woman’s ideal.

JFK followed suit, realizing that it was the only real thing in his life, not just a good idea politically. He moved away from the philandering only to find himself locked into a game of cat and mouse with his enemies, of which there seamed to be no escape. The political chess match he played with his opponents could be won only by capturing the queen. In appreciating Jackie as his queen, he realized even if he lost, he could still win. He was right.

In May 1962, after the Bay of Pigs, JFK swore he would shatter CIA director and spy master Jesus James Angleton’s “wilderness of mirrors”. However, in a grand culmination of events it literally shattered him, spilling what Jackie described as “his beautiful brains, into my hands”. Only a brilliant master of illusion could design such a flawless play of events as was the devastating assassination of JFK, but it would take all of the precision, discipline and dedication of the US government to make it US history. For over 200 deviant criminals Dealy Plaza was both a theatre and a curtain onto which the illusion they created was globally projected. No lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset and a triple agent spy on loan from the FBI infiltrating Russia to gain access to the subversive groups in the US who were giving rise to what he and his counterparts witnessed as the early deep state. Oswald’s agenda was to thwart the plot to kill JFK.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 8.12.30 PM

The same ensnaring immorality that threatened the Kennedy family from within, also threatened it from without. JFK found himself entangled in a deep web of blackmail and addiction. Unable to disengage from the hidden foils regarding the international intrigues he had hoped he could overcome with an outcome of world peace, his actions now not only threatened his country but his wife and children. There was a way to protect those closest to him. Take a bullet. At the epicenter of the maze, JFK stopped looking outwards for the answer and began to look within. In his final months JFK found himself increasingly on a collision course with what he called “a rendezvous with death”.

Focusing less on the world around him, JFK tried to do what had been so impossible in the past; control himself. In his Catholic roots he unlocked the power and beauty behind its simple teachings on sex and mortification. Religion became less a rule, more a ladder in which he could not only escape his past through acts of redemption, but find salvation through the sacramental act of contrition.


Those at the epicenter of the Dealy Plaza rubicon heard five to seven shots. One shot was described as a sonic boom. The surrounding witnesses heard four shots with one shot being a pop or a misfire. Bullet fragments ricochetted, dirt and grass flew up, onlookers hit the ground, and ran from what was described as “a shooting gallery.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 8.12.39 PM

Jackie, voiced a strong drive in preserving the truth behind the curtain. From the day JFK was sworn in she was readily aware of the underside of Camelot.  Although Vietnam, Civil Rights and peace with Russia were part of her husbands legacy, the sentiment of Camelot could also become a vehicle, a missing piece and a key. In manufacturing and preserving the mythic truth, Camelot became a code word and legend, the key to fulfilling her final dream, that of lifting the veil on all those who hid behind it. Realizing what he realized, she survived what he did not. Algeria, France, the CIA and Vietnam; can all be summed up in two words, “Operation Camelot.” Then one; “Camelot.”

Creating a team is an extension of writing a drama, bridging it to the screen, as all flows from one central theme, the ultimate product, a cinematic dance between light and audience. Contact us below if you would like to be involved.

2017 (c) Bobbi Iervolino

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