The Sandcastle: The Legend Within

Welcome! From the most pivotal moment in recent American history a magnificent tale of family and unspeakable tragedy emerges. From exhaustive research a path is discovered towards an unearthed truth.

What Was Discovered?

What do Lee Harvey Oswald, and Henry Wade (of Roe Vs. Wade fame) have in common?

What do Marilyn Monroe and women’s rights have in common?

What do art and poetry have in common with Civil Rights?

Everything. In one illustrative sweep this out of control concerto spins into focus bringing America back to life!

Eugenics divided the country over the past 65 years. The very early 60’s was a series of events that, woven together, tells the story of Sandcastles; Of Poetry and Power, where brave men fight evil and elegant ladies defend the virtue of youth. Forces beyond the veil reveal a history categorically unto itself. The conflict between Democracy and Communism does not climax with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Catholic values galvanized those elements. An explosive vortex of lasting consequences leads to the 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. March and terminates with the JFK Assassination.

Below Camelot’s glittering surface a social rift between wholesome Americans and those feeling threatened by what Margaret Sanger termed ‘social weeds’ enabled an entirely other, anthropologically based  “Operation Camelot,” to overcome. With the rise of birth control and the ensuing sexual revolution the same elites of today’s Planned Parenthood staged a coup. Social deterioration and unrest echo to this day. All that was needed to monopolize the American Dream was available to those greedy and powerful enough to grab it leaving a once great America to wrestle with an obscured truth.

So how does Hoover play into this? How do Jackie and JFK?

Herein lies the answer and from a catholic context and perspective.


2017 (c) Bobbi Iervolino

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